Selmer mk VII tenor.  M Tubes 1976 model  SN # 260231

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This is one of Steve's newest horns.  This should be my last tenor ever.  This horn is so sweet and has that BIG Selmer core. Can't miss the core sound with this horn.  For all practical purposes it's 99.9% original lacquer and it has the optional Gold Plated neck from back in 1976.

I bought this horn from a retired Pro player, his main horn is a mk VI but I think this horn is fantastic.  It's not as "smooth and silky" as some VIs and SBAs can be but it certainly ranks right up there.  After playing this horn my Couf Superba 1 clearly didn't match up to the tone (and ergonomics). The Couf may have been more "powerful" but it sounded bland next to this horn in the same regards that it made other horns sound bland next to it (such as Series II, 875s, etc).   The Selmer core tone just jumps right out on this VII.  I absolutely love it.

FYI, I've played N series VII tenors (and Series IIs, 875s, etc) which I rank below Couf Superba 1s. This horn is an absolute dream to play and hear.  My new studio doesn't have the lights set up yet, thus my pictures are slightly dark. The pics below at the bottom have proper lighting.