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bb clarinet

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    An 'A Clarinet' that measures 26.5 inches?

    I have just bought a Boosey & Hawkes Emperor clarinet in a charity shop. I got it serviced in a shop near where I live. I recognised the wood as African Blackwood before I bought it (I used to be a flute maker) and the shop claimed that the clarinet is also at least 63 years old with sterling...
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    Help to identify a Selmer please?

    Hi, My 14 year old son is currently borrowing a 'pair' of clarinets from my brother's girlfriend. The Bb instrument is marked as a Selmer although the marking is quite worn. It is the laurel leaves circlet with SELMER across the middle HENRI above, and PARIS below (both inside the circlet)...
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    Which Leger Reed for a Yamaha YCL 255 clarinet

    My daughter has experienced a reaction to her wood reeds so we are thinking of a Leger reed. She has a Bb Yamaha YCL 255 clarinet but the reeds are sold under Soprano, Bass, ... I can't determine if her student clarinet is a Soprano etc. I am thinking the Leger standard cut 2.5 for Soprano is...
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    Can a crack in the bell really cause such problems?

    Hello. First post. I hope it 's ok to post it here. My daughter dropped my clarinet on the floor today and there is now a crack in the bell. Nowever, it feels almost as if the tube is blocked. Can a crack in the bell really make a drastic change in sound? Hope I can find a replacement for the...
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    New 'medium soft' Bari synthetic reed too hard?

    Hello, I have recently purchased a bari medium soft synthetic clarinet reed to try, as it's a relatively new thing. But when it came to my mail yesterday, i found it very hard to make good tones. I wanted a softer reed to play lower notes, but the reed seems to be too hard. Now, when i got...