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  1. T

    C Clarinet Case

    (Do we really not have a cases subforum anywhere? I could swear we did.) So, I bought a trio of clarinets from an estate sale on the 8th, and have had them for about a week and a half now. I received, in no real order: A Selmer Radio Improved (I think? No model name visible. It's early L...
  2. A

    Buffet clarinet cases

    Hello, Surfing on the web I found these two buffet clarinet cases that drawed my attention, but I can not find any other than just a pixeled exterior picture of the cases. I was wondering if any of you have these cases anywhere around, and send me pictures of their interior, pockets and the...
  3. tomtrundle

    Selmer BA tenor case

    Hi Folks, I have an old Balanced action (1938) and l want to buy a new case for it. I've been looking at BAM cabine cases and l believe they use a MKVI as the mould. My question is.. will my BA fit in this case? What cases do you fellow BA owners use? Thanks in advance Tom
  4. A

    Konig and Meyer Clarinet Stand

    Ok, so I just got a new clarinet stand about an hour ago, and it is a Konig and Meyer clarinet stand labeled as clarinet stand 15222. I am not able to fit into my clarinet case. My clarinet is a Yamaha YCL-250n. The only way I can put it in is if i take the bell, put the stand inside it, and put...