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eb clarinet

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    Is it safe to get a 1945 Buffet pre-R13 Eb soprano clarinet?

    I don't have much knowledge about Eb's but I'm looking to start playing. I found a refurbished 1945 pre-R13 Buffet for sale, but it's $945, so I want to be sure that it's worth it. Anyone who's played on this or a similar model: how's the tuning and tone? Is it risky to get such an old...
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    Nice quality evenly faced mouthpieces certainly make a gigantic difference on Eefer...

    So as of about an hour and a half ago I got a new mouthpiece for my Eb in the mail and all I can say on it is WOW. It's loads better than the unevenly faced Vandoren B40 that was with it. While the fact that it's a good mouthpiece is what matters most to this, the mouthpiece is made by Greg...