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    Beautiful Woodwind Quintet

    Play in woodwind quintet? Here is a beautiful work, "Euphoria", by David Carovillano. Like it? Let me know if you would like to play it. http://www.maestroscorner.com/euphoria-for-woodwind-quintet/
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    Experienced Tech in South Jersey?

    Hi All, anyone in this group work from or know of any experienced flute repairmen in South New Jersey? I have a good customer who's moved there and needs a bit of help after her flute was damaged. Any recommendations very welcome. thanks to all-
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    Hey Folks! I've played the flute for about eight years (as well as sax and clarinet for the last two years), and I just recently started picking up flute repair on the side. To start off, I went up to the attic and got the old flute my mom used when she was in high school. It's marked...
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    have you guys heard of yamazuki brand?

    hi guys. is yamazuki any good? have u guys even heard or played this brand's instruments??? i bumped on this yamazuki at a 2nd hand (used stuffs) store. it said 239 Singapore dollar. which is about 173 USD. it's actually brand new, never been used before by the owner (so the shopkeeper...