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  1. C

    What year did Yamaha produce the YCL-20?

    I have a Yamaha YCL-20, serial number is 160906a. Can anyone tell me what years Yamaha produced the YCL-20? Thanks!
  2. R

    Intermediate Tenor Saxophone

    Hi all, So I really don't know much about buying saxophones, as I just got into playing it two years ago, switching from clarinet. Now that I've gotten a feel for the Tenor, I'm looking to buy either a respectable student model or intermediate tenor saxophone of my own. I've been looking at some...
  3. mmatisoff

    Yamaha CS series versus SE series

    I've been reading everything I can about the CE and SE series of Yamaha clarinets. According to the Yamaha web site: "The CS series has a shorter and narrower inner bore taper followed by a longer straight section which allows the clarinet to deliver a straight, concentrated and clear tone. The...
  4. B

    Yamaha clarinet advice

    Hi,Im looking to buy a clarinet for the first time and would appreciate some advice on what type to get. I took clarinet lessons for 5 years at secondary school but used a clarinet belonging to the school so had to give it back when I left. I haven't played at all for 6 years but I'm keen to buy...
  5. G

    Yamaha XT-1 vs. Yamaha 72 Bb Soprano? Help a guy out here!

    I recently found a Model 72 Yamaha Bb Soprano SN 0010XX. It is in excellent condition with no cracking/pinning and quite playable. My college daughter currently plays a Yamaha XT-1 that we purchased new in 2009. My question is this: All things being equal, if you had to choose between playing...
  6. L

    Who have experiences with yamaha 621 or 622

    I'm suprised why you don't read about the yamaha 621 or622 wooden bass clarinets. I play on a plastic yamaha,the 221II, and i'm reale content with it. I have tried a wooden buffet and also leblanc, but i still prefer my plastic yamaha. Because the quality is so high of the 221II yamaha, i expect...