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  1. G

    Is this Yani worth its price?

    Hiya all! I'm in the process of buying a new alto, and I found a local guy selling a Yanagisawa A900. The horn is app. 20 years old and apparently has not been played much, but some nevertheless. According to the seller its in very good condition and completely playable, and I'm going to...
  2. Aruess

    Yanagisawa Soprano model

    Hi everyone, I ran into this site a few days ago while searching the web for a way to identify my sax. A lot of good knowledge here compared to anywhere else I found. The only thing I was able to find was a site with some serial numbers that show the creation date. My serial is 00198176...
  3. F

    Yanagisawa a-992 serial number

    i'm planning to purchase a yanagisawa a992. what serial number can i expect to get? [would greatly appreciate it if someone can post a range of numbers] i calculated based on past records, and came to a figure 00305200 for 2009. btw i reside in malaysia, and the price is significantly lower, it...
  4. X

    Yanagisawa tenor need info!

    hello guys and gals this is my first post but I have a question. I have researched about all I can for my sax and still am coming up short. It is a yanagisawa tenor 600 series as far as i can tell with vito vsp engraved on the bell inside a triangle, but the serial # is different than what has...