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New Versions of Legere Reeds

Discussion in 'Reeds' started by Roger Aldridge, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. Roger Aldridge

    Roger Aldridge Composer in Residence Distinguished Member

    I finished converting to the new versions of Legere reeds.

    On Bb clarinet (Grabner K14) I went from a 3.25 old Quebec to a 3.75 new Quebec.

    On bass clarinet (Grabner LB) I went from a 3 old BC reed to a 3.5 new one.

    On alto sax (Morgan 6C) I went from a 2.5 Regular to a 3.5 Signature.

    I'm extremely pleased with the improvements that have made to the new version of the reeds: more resonant sound and better level of response. Hooray for Legere!

    Note: there are no differences in packaging with the new Legere reeds. One needs to visually examine the reed and look for the dot or diamond-like pattern in the materal. It's the same pattern used in Legere Signature reeds. Whereas, the old versions have a smoother appearance with a horizontal wave-like pattern.

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