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Piccolo in 8 weeks +

Discussion in 'Piccolo' started by thematrixiam, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,

    New here. I've got some experience with sax, I've also played guitar, bass, drums, and piano.

    For my Bachelor of Education program's Physical Education course I have to learn a new fine motor skill. I elected to learn Piccolo for this.

    I know, I know, it has been often said that people should not start on a Piccolo without having prior experience on the flute. Opps. :D

    I have gotten myself some piccolo/flute music. Specifically 'rubank elementary method flute or piccolo', and the intermediate of that as well. I also have checked out some of the fingering charts on the web, and even the fingering chart from yamaha (I'm using the ypc-32. I rented it).

    I have noticed that it is out of tune (it's too high). Using the metal rod it appears to be in the correct position. When I pull it out it does not seem to be able to have enough room to get into tune. That is, unless I am supposed to pull it out a good cm or so. :D I figured that would probably be more than was expected. Could it just be that I do not have good enough embrasure to have it play in tune? I am tuning at 440 with an electric tuner.

    Also, can anyone offer suggestions for moving from the C :Space3: to D :Line4:? or jumping straight into G :Space5:? I find that I keep switching between octaves while playing.
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