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  1. Thread: Fanfare

    by Roger Aldridge


    Fanfare is a new piece that was inspired by Brazilian brass bands. As I envision this music, it has an exuberant spirit with samba rhythms churning under contemporary harmonic voicings. It is...
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    A selection of lead sheets have also been added...

    A selection of lead sheets have also been added to the music I have at Sheet Music Plus. I'll continue to add new things over time to my collection at SMP.
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    My music at Sheet Music Plus

    A selection of my ensemble scores are available at Sheet Music Plus. They are part of a new collection of music in the CSIC Library series (a partnership with Composers & Schools in Concert and...
  4. Rich Pulin's August 24, 2015 Radio Show With Me

    Here's a link where one can listen to a recording of Rich Pulin's 8/24/2015 radio show with me. The show featured a selection of my originals. Rich asked insightful questions about the music and my...
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    Original Tunes & Ensemble Scores


    My website has a collection of originals and scores. Please visit and explore the music. I'm looking for more musicians & ensembles to discover, perform, and record my work.
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    Thanks Alexis! While I like to write for...

    Thanks Alexis! While I like to write for ensembles, it's been my feeling for many years that my best and most creative work is in my original tunes. Also, in all honesty, I've been frustrated in...
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    So glad you like it! I'd think that it would...

    So glad you like it! I'd think that it would sound really nice on the C mel.
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    Twilight Sail

    Here's a bossa nova that I wrote in 1994 and recently dusted off. The tune's page on my website has a demo recording and a copy of the lead sheet.
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    23-Year Old Samba

    A couple of weeks ago I remembered a samba -- Samba Da Aguia Pescadora -- that I had written in 1992 (actually I had a dream about it!). I looked through my music files and found the tune. Playing it...
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    Seeking Music Placements

    One of my goals for this year is to focus more on music licensing. Composing for film or TV does not interest me. I have a different kind of creative process. However, a while back a music friend...
  11. Virtual Concert (music for mid-size ensemble)

    This video is how I envision a concert of my music for mid-size jazz ensemble. As I see it, the concert could start with a small group. Then, in the second half of the program, a woodwind quintet --...
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    Store Page

    The Store page on my website has been expanded. Please visit and look around. There are MP3 downloads along with a selection of scores & parts. Purchases will help to fund new recordings of my music....
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    Woodwind Quintet Jazz

    Looking For: A woodwind quintet to collaborate with a jazz group for the purpose of creating fun and adventurous music.

    I have been a fan of the woodwind quintet for many years. One reason is I...
  14. Hi Pete! I have thought about kickstarter or...

    Hi Pete! I have thought about kickstarter or similar kinds of group funding for a project. In fact, one of my nieces who is a playwright in NYC used crowd funding to raise $8K for her most recent...
  15. MP3 Downloads for Fan-Funding New Recordings

    MP3 downloads of my originals are available at Bandcamp for $1.00 per track. Purchasing these recordings is an easy way to help to fund new recordings of my music.
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    Ensemble Score Videos

    I've started to create videos that enable one to follow the pages of my ensemble scores while listening to the recording. The recordings are not midi files. They were created for me by David Arivett....
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    Free Blues For Lester Download at AAJ

    A free download of my original Blues For Lester (recorded by David Arivett) is available at All About Jazz. It received this Editor's Comment: "A December random act of abstract. Quirky." I couldn't...
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    Music for Mid-Size Jazz Ensemble

    Here's a simple video (only title screens and one photo per recording) that presents six originals for mid-size jazz ensemble in a kind of virtual concert. There is 24 minutes of music. These six...
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    Blues For Lester (6-horn chart)

    David Arivett finished a new recording of Blues For Lester. It can be heard here on my website.

    Besides the recording, the page has a link to my...
  20. I've had problems with the downloads at All About...

    I've had problems with the downloads at All About Jazz with my version of Internet Explorer; whereas, with Chrome everything is fine.

    Here's a link to the Sleepy Creek Samba page at my website. ...
  21. Free Download of Sleepy Creek Samba (6-horn chart) Recording

    A free download of my Sleepy Creek Samba is available at All About Jazz. This is a demo, created by David Arivett, of my mid-size ensemble score. While it's electronic, the demo is intended to...
  22. Appalachian Awakening (for mid-size ensemble)

    BRAND NEW! Here is the demo recording created by David Arivett of my Appalachian Awakening score. This piece was conceived for violin soloist, woodwind quintet, and jazz rhythm section. However,...
  23. Lots of good discussion happening on this thread!...

    Lots of good discussion happening on this thread!

    For me, I did not decide to write for a mid-size ensemble based on economics. It was simply because I became burned out on conventional big...
  24. Thanks for the question Jbtsax! 5-horn bands are...

    Thanks for the question Jbtsax! 5-horn bands are fairly common. Many of them take a "little big band" approach. A good writer can get a full & rich sound with only 5 horns (using open voicings &...
  25. A Big Band Misconception (new blog)

    Here's a brand new blog entry on my website. It's called A Big Band Misconception. It is intended to be read with my article on mid-size jazz ensemble (a link to the article is in the blog). These...
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