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Thread: Loree Oboe Restoration

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    Default Loree Oboe Restoration

    I've been following this on livejournal and thought I would pass it along.

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    Oboe restoration was one of the things I looked into doing many years ago. The largest obstacle was my ability to actually play an oboe.

    I forgot the reasons why I never picked it up in college or at least fiddle with it alot in high school. I nearly bought a nice conservatory model several years ago until I went to the local music store and tried the ergonomics. bingo ... that's why. My fingers and hand are not flexible enough to get around the keyboard and spatula keys.

    I can probably restore one and check and make sure all pads are sealing, and everything functioning even key height but playing it and confirming the tonal qualities of all the notes would be the biggest obstacle I would have had. Same with bassoon.

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