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Thread: Prettiest Sax of the Moment

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    First, you might want to start a different thread for just that subject. No need to hijack mine.

    Second, you've asked a question that's pretty similar to, "Do you know the price for a station wagon?" Are you looking for vintage or new? How much do you want to spend? What kind of music do you play? Do you have something in particular in mind that you want our opinion about? What's your expertise level?

    Helen, Groovekiller, Gandalfe, and a few other folks here own and/or have used a variety of makes and models of bass saxophones. They'd have the best information to compare horn A to horn B. I can, in general, say that the new horns from Benedikt Eppelsheim are quite highly regarded -- there's enough eye-candy on his website to definitely qualify for this thread -- and I obviously point folks his way.

    There are a lot of companies that currently make or have made bass saxophones, so you've got an awful lot of choices.

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    I still prize the "meatiness" of the Conn tone, so much so that I characterize it as the "American" style of saxophone, over the "French " style of Selmer and so many others. Not that there's anything wrong with either style, just a personal preference, if you will.

    I looked for years to find a Conn baritone that matched my alto for "guts", but every one that I tested was stuffy and dull, no matter wha the mouthpiece and reed combiation. The only one that even came close to a keeper was a real dog of a horn, one that had been poorly spraypainted and usec as a wall hanging. And, I wasn't about to pay for the overhaul of that piece of work...

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