Selmer Centered Tone - partial Boehm

Another of Steve's personal clarinets.  Serial number P1549 puts this at 1952.  Click on each pic for a full page view.  This one was overhauled before it got to me. Unfortunately many clarinet repair people do not know how to properly overhaul an articulated clarinet, or a clarinet in general.  It's intonation is off which can be easily corrected; it's apparent they didn't know how to handle the middle tenon cork for replacement; and the pads stick.  So it will be going through a full overhaul and may get leather pads throughout.

A Partial Boehm clarinet has a few specific identifiers to it (this one also has the forked Bb mechanism)

The C#/G# (left pinky) is on the lower half.  And you can trill it with your LH pinky OR you RH first or second finger.  The tenon is about 3-5mm longer than normal clarinets, and the receiver is all metal to support the extra length and not snap off the wood part of the receiver.

The Centered Tone is identified by the hexagonal speaker bush