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advanced technique

  1. mmatisoff

    Rose Etudes

    I'm nearing the completion of the Rose Etudes 32 and 40. Can you recommend more etudes (or anything else) that will enable me to continue advancing in my studies. I play Bb and bass clarinet. Thanks
  2. Very Challenging Advanced Saxophone Étude Book

    Hi all, I'm excited to share with everyone that I released a digital saxophone Étude book this year. It's really advanced, but hopefully worth the challenge! The music is really difficult to classify, it's essentially modern "classical" etudes, but as a jazz guy, there is an undeniable...
  3. double tonguing

    My oboe teacher told me that double-tonguing on oboe is an advanced technique, one not taught to her until she was studying for her PhD. But....I play brasses, and double-tonguing was something I taught myself along the way, along with triple tonguing. So, I found I haven't had any trouble...
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