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alto clarinet

  1. Bb, Eb Alto Bass Clarinet play old school video games tunes

    https://youtu.be/UTpTfLuClNA Four clarinets (B flat, E flat, Alto and Bass) and one accordion find their way inside classic video games: Castlevania (the original), Super Mario Theme, Super Mario underwater, Legend of Zelda Outset Island theme from the Windwaker, Zelda's Lullaby, and the Legend...
  2. Alto notes jump a 6th

    Normally I play bass clarinet but I've been playing alto clarinet in a clarinet choir for about a year and have tried 3 different brands: a Vito Resotone (plastic), a Buescher (plastic), and now a LeBlanc (wood) that's just been rebuilt. I just got a mouth piece from Roger Garret. As far as ease...
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