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  1. Aulos303

    Glissando on a recorder

    Something Ive discovered about my Yamaha Alto is that it is quite easy to perform glissandi on it. This is a simple C to D slide-I did initially do a full scale glissando but it didnt sound great, due to the fact that I’m a mere beginner!
  2. Saxophone has EXTREME resistance?

    Hi there! I've just recently noticed something, after playing one of my school's horns. I currently play a King Cleveland 613 Alto Saxophone. After playing the school's Yamaha YAS-23 since mine was out for repair, I've noticed how hard my saxophone is to make it 'speak'. I've played since I was...
  3. Ersatz unlacquering method - drawbacks?

    Longtime reader, first time poster. Just looking for a simple answer. I play a Keilwerth EX-90 II alto saxophone. I'm in love with the horn itself, though from what I understand it is considered a semi-pro horn. The horn plays spectacularly, however I'm not infatuated with its aesthetic...
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