1. Help Playing the Rose Étude #1 (from 32 Rose Etudes) for High School Audition

    Hi there, I am playing the first Rose Étude from 32 Rose Etudes for my high school band audition (I play bass clarinet). I can play most of it decently, but I struggle with playing the thirty-second notes. Even though it's just a scale (sort of), my fingers always screw it up some how. I'm...
  2. Audition piece

    Hi all, I've currently got a year left until i start doing auditions for various things. Im trying to find a piece that will demonstrate a lot of skill although I'm finding it hard to find one. Im looking for a piece thats above grade 8 standard could anyone point me in the right direction. It...

    Want to find a good vocalist?

    It would seem that turning up a good singer would be relatively hard, but I have not found that to be the case. Over the years, I have encountered a number of excellent vocalists through groups that I have worked with. However, I have had far better luck with running an audition call in the...
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