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bari sax

  1. Gerry Mulligans Lonesome Boulevard sheet music

    Hi, I'm looking for Gerry mulligans Lonesome Boulevard for a quartet. Does anyone know where I can find it? If so thank you
  2. I need help forming a practice schedule

    Hi! im a Bari Sax player, a junior in high school, I've been playing for 5 years (soloing for 3 months), and I need help forming a practice schedule. What I usually do is practice scales for 30 minutes, improv for an hour and a half and then learn new techniques ( overtones, altissimo, slap...
  3. How To Imitate Brass On Woodwind?

    I am currently working on Nocturno by Franz Strauss which is written for horn. I will be playing it on a baritone saxophone. I have found no examples of it being played on a woodwind instrument (there is probably a reason for that) so I am taking the initiative to make it the best ever first...
  4. Helen

    The Martin Committee III Baritone

    A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to pick up a very lovely Martin Committee III baritone from 1958 in silver plate with gold wash bell. While most vintage baris we see from this era look like they've been to war and back, this one is in very fine condition indeed. I wasn't looking for...
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