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c clarinet

  1. TrueTone

    C Clarinet Case

    (Do we really not have a cases subforum anywhere? I could swear we did.) So, I bought a trio of clarinets from an estate sale on the 8th, and have had them for about a week and a half now. I received, in no real order: A Selmer Radio Improved (I think? No model name visible. It's early L...
  2. Gandalfe

    2004 Noblet 45 C Clarinet (A Review)

    I purchased this Noblet 45 clarinet in the key of C in the hopes that we could cover an oboe part in a community band with no oboe. Steve of Clarinet Perfection categorizes this instrument as an intermediate clarinet. It is a little bigger than the Eb soprano clarinet and a little smaller than...
  3. Chinese Ebay c clarinet review

    I am posting this because I could not find any recent reviews of inexpensive chinese made clarinets before I bought this one. Recent is important because the quality of stuff coming out of factories in mainland China is always changing, usually for the better. I have been wanting to get a C...
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