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  1. TrueTone

    C Clarinet Case

    (Do we really not have a cases subforum anywhere? I could swear we did.) So, I bought a trio of clarinets from an estate sale on the 8th, and have had them for about a week and a half now. I received, in no real order: A Selmer Radio Improved (I think? No model name visible. It's early L...
  2. Buffet clarinet cases

    Hello, Surfing on the web I found these two buffet clarinet cases that drawed my attention, but I can not find any other than just a pixeled exterior picture of the cases. I was wondering if any of you have these cases anywhere around, and send me pictures of their interior, pockets and the...
  3. tomtrundle

    Selmer BA tenor case

    Hi Folks, I have an old Balanced action (1938) and l want to buy a new case for it. I've been looking at BAM cabine cases and l believe they use a MKVI as the mould. My question is.. will my BA fit in this case? What cases do you fellow BA owners use? Thanks in advance Tom
  4. Konig and Meyer Clarinet Stand

    Ok, so I just got a new clarinet stand about an hour ago, and it is a Konig and Meyer clarinet stand labeled as clarinet stand 15222. I am not able to fit into my clarinet case. My clarinet is a Yamaha YCL-250n. The only way I can put it in is if i take the bell, put the stand inside it, and put...
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