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  1. cmekara

    Oh Holy Night for Clarinet Quartet version

    Oh Holy Night Clarinet Quartet version
  2. Intermediate Tenor Saxophone

    Hi all, So I really don't know much about buying saxophones, as I just got into playing it two years ago, switching from clarinet. Now that I've gotten a feel for the Tenor, I'm looking to buy either a respectable student model or intermediate tenor saxophone of my own. I've been looking at some...
  3. Does the Vandoren A45 B flat Clarinet mouthpiece really exist?

    Hello, knowledgable folks. My son is a freshman in high school, playing in an honors (higher level) band. His private instructor recommended this specific mouthpiece as an upgrade from the Vandoren B45. He said he has ordered it from someone in New Zealand in the past, but I can't find the...
  4. Choosing a Step Up Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece

    Hi there, I started bass clarinet few months ago. I bought a used Bundy from my repairman. He also gave me a student mouthpiece. Since I've been playing tenor sax for a few years and I use 6 to 7* tip opening on it, that student bass clarinet mouthpiece is too closed tip for me and has lots of...
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