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  1. steefjeuh

    How old is this clarinet?

    Hello everyone, I was once gifted an old clarinet but now I am really interested in finding out how old it is. Though the person who gave it to me said it was from the 40's, I am not so sure now. (take note however, that I don't actually play clarinet, nor do I know anything about it) It is a...
  2. Identify my oboe model

    I am a flutist and I don't know anything about oboe but wanted to learn it. I have bought a used buffet oboe from internet and the seller told me it is a 4151 student model. but since it didn't look like the photos of this model I wrote to buffet indicating the serial number and they told me it...
  3. Aruess

    Yanagisawa Soprano model

    Hi everyone, I ran into this site a few days ago while searching the web for a way to identify my sax. A lot of good knowledge here compared to anywhere else I found. The only thing I was able to find was a site with some serial numbers that show the creation date. My serial is 00198176...
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