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original composition

  1. Roger Aldridge


    Fanfare is a new piece that was inspired by Brazilian brass bands. As I envision this music, it has an exuberant spirit with samba rhythms churning under contemporary harmonic voicings. It is intended to be a short piece. However, the vamp at the end can be extended for a solo or collective...
  2. Roger Aldridge

    Original Tunes & Ensemble Scores

    Friends, My website has a collection of originals and scores. Please visit and explore the music. I'm looking for more musicians & ensembles to discover, perform, and record my work. http://www.rogeraldridge.com/ Roger
  3. Roger Aldridge

    Twilight Sail

    Here's a bossa nova that I wrote in 1994 and recently dusted off. The tune's page on my website has a demo recording and a copy of the lead sheet. http://www.rogeraldridge.com/twilight-sail.html Roger
  4. Roger Aldridge

    Ensemble Score Videos

    I've started to create videos that enable one to follow the pages of my ensemble scores while listening to the recording. The recordings are not midi files. They were created for me by David Arivett. The scores are for mid-size jazz ensemble (5 or 6 horns). They are concert pitch and use...
  5. Roger Aldridge

    Blues For Lester (6-horn chart)

    David Arivett finished a new recording of Blues For Lester. It can be heard here on my website. http://www.rogeraldridge.com/blues-for-lester.html Besides the recording, the page has a link to my score. I highly recommend following the score while listening to the recording. As you'll...
  6. Roger Aldridge

    Music Video of Keith Calmes performing Cloud Dance

    Please check this out -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZaMcYJbqA6s&feature=g-upl&context=G283ab06AUAAAAAAAEAA It's Keith Calmes (classical & jazz guitarist in NJ) performing my piece Cloud Dance at a concert in NYC. Cloud Dance was composed in 1993, along with several other pieces, for...
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