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  1. Aulos303

    Annie's Song

    Played on my Aulos soprano by ear
  2. Quality cheap Eb Clarinet?

    Hey guys :) I didn't see this addressed anywhere, so I'll ask. Are there any good quality cheap Eb clarinets around? I've seen a few companies like Band Director's Choice, Paolo Mark, Barrington, and several unbranded, which I assume I should stay away from. It'd be my first Eb, (I play Bass...
  3. Aruess

    Yanagisawa Soprano model

    Hi everyone, I ran into this site a few days ago while searching the web for a way to identify my sax. A lot of good knowledge here compared to anywhere else I found. The only thing I was able to find was a site with some serial numbers that show the creation date. My serial is 00198176...
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