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  1. kgaronzik

    Looking for info on a Pierret 207bd Voltaire Tenor Sax

    Hi, I am not a sax player but my dad played professionally. He was a UNT alum and played in the One O'Clock band there in the late 60s. He always had cool horns and was trading them so he could try out different ones. He passed away in 2016 and I am just now getting around to take inventory of...
  2. Aulos303

    Amazing Grace on tenor

    Third day of consistent practing and I decided to try Amazing Grace on my tenor. I need to practice the transitions to F. My fingers keep wanting to keep hole 4 uncovered instead of hole 5. Its so much easier to go to 01234 but I had to stop my hands doing so! https://youtu.be/gZ5Yw2YH0WE
  3. Changing a Typewriter keywork

    Hello, I'm Abraham from Spain, I'm a pro sax jazz player and also I'm repair saxes for living. I'm new here and I'd like to ask to the experts if there is a Martin model ( pre or post 1930) which keywork is interchangeable with my tenor Martin typewriter. At the end is a handcraft, right? I...
  4. tomtrundle

    Selmer BA tenor case

    Hi Folks, I have an old Balanced action (1938) and l want to buy a new case for it. I've been looking at BAM cabine cases and l believe they use a MKVI as the mould. My question is.. will my BA fit in this case? What cases do you fellow BA owners use? Thanks in advance Tom
  5. Estimated value of a SA80I Tenor

    Hello all! I am looking to place my tenor on the market, and was hoping that some of you may be willing to share your opinion about the approximate value of this horn. A ballpark figure with a $500 range would be great. (For example... $1200-$1700) Description: Selmer Super Action 80 Tenor...
  6. Tenor Recorder, how to have a clear sound ?

    Hello fellow recorder players, I recently fell in love with the sound of the tenor and bought one few weeks ago. (Aulos 511w) This is my first wind instrument. Eventhough i'm practicing everyday scrupulously following the instructions of my self-teaching book (can't find a teacher...
  7. Yanagisawa tenor need info!

    hello guys and gals this is my first post but I have a question. I have researched about all I can for my sax and still am coming up short. It is a yanagisawa tenor 600 series as far as i can tell with vito vsp engraved on the bell inside a triangle, but the serial # is different than what has...
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