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... and one for sale.

"This unusual and very rare instrument has had one owner, a serious amateur, who has kept it in excellent condition. It was made in 2003 - the only one they made that year. In effect, this is the bass member of the oboe family, pitched an octave below oboe, but being made by Heckel and being made of maple, we are listing it here in the bassoon section as well."

Question, wouldn't that make the Hecklephone the Tenor voice of the family?


Brassica Oleracea
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That would be my way of thinking. There's a bass oboe and there's the Lupophone bass oboe "alternative," which, according to Wikipedia, was invented by Guntram Wolf of Kronach ... and our favorite niche sax manufacturer, Benedikt Eppelsheim. It's pretty kewl looking:

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