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Any Idea when Finale 2011 will come out?

I have Finale 2008 and didn't want to fork out another $130 or $170 for the few features 2010 had that I wanted .
So instead I was going to buy Songwriter ( $50) just for the new speedy lead sheet capabilities .

I just got a new iMac and evidently I need to have Rosetta to run 2008 with Snow Leopard.
I did a little research and I guess Rosetta slows down the Mac and is is not a desirable function for Snow Leopard.
So it looks like I'll need to upgrade from 2008.
I waited until after Christmas, and they had a special offer on for $99...

Remember the good old days when Finale upgrades were $30 ?
The best recent deals I saw were $130.
$170 is out of control but I might cave if they'll do $99.
if 2011 had some amazing feature I'd need to dish out ONLY $70.
,,Then I'd be back to paying the original price but be ahead a year;-)
I upgraded to Finale 2010 from 2004. The linked parts and chord symbols in empty measures features were worth the cost of the upgrade.
I waited until after Christmas, and they had a special offer on for $99...

Hi Merlin
I called Finale and they won't give it to me for $99.
No harm trying :emoji_smile:

Were you upgrading from 2009?

The best deal I ever saw was $130 for an upgrade from 2008 or older.


Old King Log
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When I bought Finale, I did so through the upgrade program. I first bought a very obsolete version (2.0, or something along that line) from the junk bin at H & H Music's Pro Shop up in Dallas. I then turned around and upgraded for something along the line of $100.00, this being some four years ago.

It's not a route that you can always take, but it's something to keep in mind.
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