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Anyone know a good source to buy pads for clarinet?

I have an old Conn 16 clarinet with rotting pads. It was my marching horn way back in high school. I'd like to learn how to re-pad it myself. You know, kind of use it as a guinea pig in my quest to learn how to re-pad a clarinet. Does anyone know a good source to purchase pads from? I don't need a bulk quantity of pads, just enough to re-pad my clarinet. I see ads on eBay and Amazon, etc., for pads, but I'd rather hear from someone who's done it before--where they purchased their pads.

Also, can I get some recommendations on what type of pad to use for the best sound?

Really appreciate this forum!!

You might want to consider Music Medic's "kit" if you are starting from zero. While I'm sure you can replicate it's contents a little cheaper on your own, you do get a lot of things you might not think of needing to get you started as well as some printed instructions to reference.
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