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Bamboo flute suggestions?

I've tried a few bamboo flutes at renaissance fairs, but have not been impressed. I see some good looking ones on worldwindsmusic.com & eriktheflutemaker, etc. What would you suggest?


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I have a few of Erik's flutes, but don't play them very often. They have all the problems of inexpensive bamboo flutes--sketchy intonation (the second octave is a particular problem), uneven tone, awkward finger hole placement...

Consider one of these instead:

They aren't bamboo, but I dare you to tell the difference in tone with your eyes closed. You WILL be able to tell the difference in pitch and evenness, because these blow Erik's bamboo instruments out of the water in those departments. They are currently in use by top players on Broadway in place of the bamboo flutes called for in the scores.

If you insist on bamboo, probably the best way to compete quality-wise with the Tipple flutes is to look for an Olwell bamboo flute on eBay. They have been going for over $300 (USD) lately, used. They aren't being made regularly anymore.
Erik The Flute Maker's flutes are the best that I've ever tried! You can even get them on eBay and save a few bucks :)
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