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Bass Sax Dixie CD: Out of Nowhere


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From Bert and with YouTube link: Hello to all of you,

There is a new CD with 9 tracks that use bass saxophone released by the Dixieland Crackerjacks.

One free download (Summernight Fiësta) with bass sax is available on the website :


(Please send this free download to every radio/TV station you know! )

The new CD (Out Of Nowhere) is not yet mentioned on the website, since it just came out today.

Out Of Nowhere tracklist :
- Happy Dance (bass sax)

- Original Dixieland One-Step (clarinet)

- Summernight Fiësta (bass sax)

- Royal Garden Blues (bass sax)

- Canal Street Blues (clarinet)

- Blues My Naughty (bass sax)

- Out Of Nowhere (tenor sax)

- Big Butter And Egg Man (bass sax)

- Fletcher (bass sax)

- Goody Goody (bass sax)

- I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles (no reeds)

- Some Of These Days (bass sax)

- Crackerjacks 15 Years (clarinet)

- St. Louis Blues (Clarinet)

- Opus Number One (bass sax)

- The Saints (alto sax, clarinet)
Total playing time : 1 h, 15 min, 37 s.

It can be ordered with me, price is € 12,- worldwide shipping included.

Dixieland Crackerjacks on youtube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3cOs5zomoM

Kind regards and wish you all a nice summer holiday,

Bert Brandsma

Dave Dolson

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Good for them for keeping this old-style jazz alive. The youtube clip (linked in your post) was an interesting tune. Loved the banjo-guy - nice, bright, chorded drum . . . gave the band a good TRAD sound. Thanks for this post. DAVE


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A couple of years ago I mentioned to Bert that I suspect he must be the busiest working bass saxophonist on the planet. IIRC he had about 300 gigs a year on bass, when you combined all his performances over all the bands and orchestras he performs in, all over Europe.

Bert is a very nice guy. Truly one of a kind.


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The last person to play that kind of schedule on bass sax was probably Joe Rushton, who strapped his bass sax to his motorcycle to get to gigs. I hope Bert works a lot, for a lot of money, as he should.
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