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Boosey & Co. Saxophones


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I published a lengthy article this week on Boosey & Co. saxophones. Why? That's a good question, since I tend to focus on mid-century German brands. However, I ended up with 2 horns in my possession that belonged to a local trumpet player who decided he wanted to learn to play sax.

Fast forward a bit, and he ended up with the Boosey & Co. oddity that prompted the article, as well as Beauford C mel. Needless to say he did not learn to play sax, and now he is planning on selling these horns.

Yesterday I took hundreds of bracketed photos of both saxophones that will ultimately, once HDR'd and Photoshopped, end up in Pete's and my Bassic Sax Pix gallery. Until then, here is a sneak peak of one of the images I shot yesterday, just as it came from the camera. It shows the double octave keys that the antique Boosey & Co alto has. BTW, this horn is keyed only to low B.

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