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Bundy Wood Clarinet

Bloo Dog

Consider the plight of the boneless chicken.
The instrument is in good condition except for the pads. The case actually looks new (emerald green). The latches look like more contemporary latches, but the catch isn't a round catch. It's a bent metal affair.

There's nothing particularly remarkable about the keywork. The logo on the first midsection, however, is not carved into the wood. It is raised and appears to be a decal as does the logo on the bell.

As soon as I have the time, I'll polish the nickel plated keys and repad and recork it and replace springs as necessary.

I am guessing that the new appearance of the case led me to believe that it is only about forty years old, but the original case probably looked a lot different.

Here's the stumper: there is no serial number anywhere on the instrument. Any comments regarding its provenance?
I have one that sounds pretty similar. Mine has a serial number, 82083, on both joints. There's no logo on either joint but the logo on the bell is raised As the bell is Bakelite it could be molded in. The joints and barrel are wood. I bought it a few months back for pocket change in a very poor condition, but after a repad and a cleanup it looks great and plays well. I've had several Bundy's in the past that showed no serial number. It seems to have been a hit and miss sort of thing. I have a Bundy Mazzeo with no serial number or logo.
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