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Buying a used Wiener Oboe

I am a huge fan of the Viennese oboe and would really love to get one. I've been trying for a while now, without success. My maximum budget is 3000 € for an instrument in playing condition, but it can also need work if it's cheaper (I know old Zulegers were sold for 800-2000 € online in the past). Does anyone have any idea where I could get one? I already tried contacting a few people in Austria and abroad - oboists, repair techs and even old instrument dealers, without success. The closest I've gotten was a person from Vienna selling a newer Rado model, but it was double my budget.
As for new instruments, the cheapest are Guntram Wolf which cost a little over 5000 € and with a waiting time of 2 years.


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You might want to e-mail shops that buy/sell oboes. I've visited the website http://www.oboes.us a few times in the past and Peter Hurd always has at least one interesting horn stashed someplace.
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