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'Concert' brand clarinet

An old clarinet went on sale for $20. it is almost 50years old and here is a picture of the horn and its brand "Concert". Can anyone tell me the country of origin and is it of any good considering it is so old?


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Can you show the entire clarinet ?
for instance I always ask for pictures such as is shown on this page ==> https://www.woodwindforum.com/clarinetperfection/help-identifying-my-clarinet/

Just showing the emblem does not really do much. For instance if you showed a Buffet emblem we could them conjecture within 120 years of when it could have been manufactured.

But without a serial number, etc the keywork and other indicators can help identify who actually made it.
Back in the 70s +/- you can find companies such as Sears, JC Penny, etc all selling musical instruments with their "brand". Sears have a brand called "Symphonie" which many think is a Leblanc but isn't. That was nothing new either as many companies outsourced their clarinets to companies such as Malerne in Paris France; one of many stenciled clarinet manufacturers.
The clarinet is not with me and I need to write to the seller for more pictures, but I am not sure he will oblige. Lets see. Thank you for your quick reply .


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Was it the price that made you interested in it ?

There's a TON of research required to figure out ... or try to without any other pictures and information.
For instance, going through a bunch of old catalogs, such as from here https://christmas.musetechnical.com/

You'll have to go through each individual catalog just in case it was in one and not another.
And then scour the internet, or even the library for paper copies of things, to try and find the name.

Truthfully, it is such a generic name that it is really unsearchable.
On top of that, it may be a Store brand. So you'll have to figure out what store. If you can ask and determine where and when they bought it, if they have a receipt with it and as much granular detail as possible, then you'll be in a better position to determine more about the instrument.


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