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Dixie Clarinet Player Needed

Our band is looking for a good clarinet player for gigs in Chicago’s western suburbs. Contact Jim Hatfield, Booking Manager, The Dixie Dogs. jameshatfield243@gmail.com Mostly short daytime gigs. $50 a performance. Weekly rehearsals in Lombard. Fun group of older guys.
Hey Jim,

It's Bob R. from the COD Jazz Ensemble. If I still lived in Chicago I would be there. I retired to eastern Tennessee about six years ago. I'll send you an email with someone I know that might be interested.
Thanks, Bob! Nice to hear from you. I'll bet you're enjoying Tennesee. We used to join our Ohio family for outings at Norris Lake. Big fun!

Our band is trying to regroup after the pandemic layoff. No gigs or rehearsals since last Feb. We're starting to book jobs for later this year.

Really need a good trad clarinet/sax player. Thanks for suggesting someone. My email is jameshatfield243@gmail.com
Norris Lake is beautiful. Been there a few times with the dogs. We are on Fort Loudon Lake, which is the main channel of the Tennessee River.
Thanks for the cross post guys. Jim and I played together in the local community college band back in the 80's & 90's. We have crossed paths musically a few times since, but not for quite some time. Funny how we reconnected now that we live over 500 miles apart.
Saxhound: We have crossed paths musically a few times since, but not for quite some time.

Me: Sometimes I think I've crossed paths with so many folk that I've played in bands with over the years and totally would not recognize them. So many good musicians out there, so little time.
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