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"E&R" C soprano saxophone For Sale


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"E&R" C soprano saxophone For Sale $4000

I bought this to cover an oboe part in a community band, but wouldn't you know it, the position was filled almost immediately. The instrument has been played about three times since and never left my home. Comes with case, original mouthpiece, and neck strap.

Here's a post that was published when I bought it.

Musikmesse Frankfurt 2010 will feature the debut of the "E&R" C-soprano saxophone and was developed by Benedikt Eppelsheim and Laksar Reese. It's less a copy of the rather imperfect C-saxophones of the late 19th and the early 20th century, but more or less a modified Bb soprano saxophone featuring accurate intonation and modern key work to provide ease of play.

The C soprano sax is shorter than the Bb soprano - the C soprano measures about 570 mm compared to 650 mm of a standard Bb soprano - but it can be played using standard mouthpieces. It has a re-designed bore and offers a key range from low B Flat to high F#.

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