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Franz Köhler saxophones (Not the same company that made your bathroom fixtures)


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This has been a long time in the making, but I finally published the page on Franz Köhler saxophones on my website yesterday.

Franz Köhler was a German a master craftsman. He trained under, and later trained some of Germany's most influential saxophone manufacturers including: Oscar Adler, Gebr. Mönning, Werner Roth and Martin Reiner.

For nearly 30 years Köhler ran his own saxophone manufacturing workshop that employed over 10 journeymen. In his shop he produced SATB saxophones, and built stencil horns including many for C.A. Wunderlich. Some of these were very striking, and were full pearl models that had some keys reminiscent of the Martin Master, AKA typewriter.

Franz Köhler's horns are somewhat of a rarity, since less than 4,000 altos and tenors were ever built, and we have no precise numbers on sopranos and baris--but we know there were significantly less.

For anyone looking for info on these rather rare German saxophones from the 1930-1960s, I hope you find the info and photos on F. Köhler page helpful. I have also uploaded the various Köhler images that I have managed to collect over the years to Bassic Sax Pix.
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