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Identify a clarinet

I'm new here, and need some help.
I would like to know if you can help me indentifying a clarinet.

It was my grandfathers and it is a wood clarinet.
It only has a number, but not a brand on it.
The number is A7671.
I know it is little information but can some one help me with this please?

I can send some images if necessary...


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Hi there. Welcome to the WF.

Yes, placing pictures into this post is the best way to get help from the most people.

Click on the Insert Image icon and you're off to the races. Make sure that the photos you upload are large enough, and clear enough to show details of your clarinet.

Hello! Thankyou for your answer.
IMG_20161101_150715.jpg IMG_20161101_151154.jpg IMG_20161101_151305.jpg IMG_20161101_151414.jpg IMG_20161108_192424.jpg

Please note that the inferior piece is not from the original clarinet, it was replaced.


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"J. Baptiste BD of ED. 1955 NYC."

Relevant thread.

Distilling the above, the consensus was that the 1964 horn in the thread was a Penzel-Mueller. I'm currently working off my laptop, so I can't do any side-by-side comparisons. @Steve probably has more experience with Penzel-Mueller clarinets and could check to see if I'm right. There is a website, too: http://www.penzelmuellerfanclub.com. They have some pretty large pics, if you want to compare.

I'm not quite sure what you meant with, "Please note that the inferior piece is not from the original clarinet, it was replaced," in your above post. If you mean that you have a replacement bell, then the stuff I posted above is probably wrong :D.


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Actually I don't know anything about Penzel-Mueller.

Key identifiers for comparison
1 - the very small barrel guide in the upper joint trill key
2 - the vertical - 1 on top / 1 on bottom thumb rest
3 - the double left hand pinky trill key posts which are on the lower joint for the LH side keys.
4 - the throat side Ab key. looks odd which would be a good identifier.

Looking at some the the keywork they are not designed on a bend which would make them easily adjustable.
Thus I think it's more of a student / low end clarinet.

I also wouldn't be surprised if the two joints are from two different clarinets.

The pictures are not very clear, nor close and detailed enough to do much more guessing.
Taking close up pictures of parts of each part of the clarinet gives much more detailed information.
so half of the top half, then the lower part of the top half, and front and back ... and repeat for each piece. That then gives up much clearer information to look at. Right now I can tell you, I'm 100% sure that it *is* a clarinet. Beyond that the pictures are not good enough ...


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by the way,
the serial number is reminiscent of Malerne. So are some of the identifiers I mentioned are Malerne like.
But the SN also fits other manufacturers, but are discounted once you look at the identifiers.
But once again, I don't know anything about Penzel Mueller other than some stuff about a few of their mouthpieces.