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Improve Your Doubling By Chris Vadala

The other day while catching up on Bret Pimentel's blog, I came across his review of the Étude book for doublers. (You can check it out here.)

After reading his review, I instantly went on Dorn Publications and ordered it!

The parts of his review that sold me:

1) the fact it DOES NOT include double reeds.
---While I may go down that road one day ... for the time being I'm sticking to the single reeds.

2) This sentence: "This book isn't for beginners or casual doublers. Vadala, with ill-concealed glee, mercilessly harps on the most difficult issues of each instrument, and of switching between them"
--- thank you ... please kick my butt. No mercy. :eek:)

3) "This book also isn't double-reed friendly; it's strictly flute-clarinet-saxophone doubling. That should do it for most jazz saxophonists who are working on their flute and clarinet chops"
--- YUP ... that's me! ;o)

4) "And so I find the idea of an Étude book "for doublers" to be a little problematic--wouldn't I be better off using the tried-and-true Étude books for each individual instrument?"
--- This is one of the few critisims (or at least questioning of the material) that Bret mentions in his review. I DO see his point, but I already have all those "tried-and true Étude books" and I'm obviously working though them ... however one of the main things I personally need more attention on is the very skill of switching - hense why I was so interested!

Yes we need to be flute players and clarinet players etc - not doublers - when it comes to sound and skill... but we also need to be able to throw our "clarinet face" out the window in a bar and half and put on the "flute face" as if we never had played the clarinet ... for me that's the hardest aspect of doubling.

Anyways ... I should recieve my book in about a week and will return to throw my two cents in about initial impressions and my feelings once I work through the book a bit.

To Bret, I say thanks for bringing this to attention in your blog! I would have never known about it otherwise. :eek:)!
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I received my book in the mail last Friday. I haven't had a chance to delve into it yet, but at first glance the book proves very promising! The studies look very difficult - in a good way. I'm really excited for the high register sax stuff. Not so much because I like to play up there but because that really needs some reading attention!

Carl H.

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Any further updates as to how well this is working for you?
sorry for rehashing an old thread, but just saw this.

This truly is THE doubling book for reed guys and all of the pro doublers I know have it and still use it regularly. It is a b!tch though, but once you can play through it you become an infinitely better player. A lot of it may seem trivial, but it goes in and hits every little irritating fault with each instrument and covers all of the hardest things you may encounter in doubling, especially the mandatory use of alternate fingerings. I still can't play a few of the etudes up to speed, but it is in my daily practice routine and when time permits later in life I'll be able to devote more time to it, but in the meantime, it truly is the best Étude book I have found and is really the only one I carry with me and use every day. I have books on each horn but since almost all of my gigs are based on doubling I see no need to carry the others