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"Jazz Lick Of The Week".

Hi Everyone,

Recently I started a free web page called "Jazz Lick Of The Week".
It's as its name suggests - a few licks for you to have a look at. I provide PDF's for almost every instrument, and some backing tracks to try the lines out over.

It's been very popular, and i'll keep it up as long as people keep visiting it.

If you've not visited it yet, you'll find a link to previous weeks on the page. The first two look at II V I's (major and minor), and in relation to Autumn Leaves". This third week looks at an amazing solo over the "Wood Choppers Ball".

Here's the link:


I'd love for the "lower population" jazz instruments to have a look (e.g. Flute, clarinet etc).
Any moderators think I could post it under a couple of those?

Hope you like it. Appreciate any feedback, and if there's any suggestions you'd like to make. It takes a bit of work, so I need the motivation to keep up with it :)



Striving to play the changes in a melodic way.
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Finally took a break from band duties (copying music and updating book spreadsheet) to try this out. Very nice, kudos! At first I thought someone wanted to start this thread and update it periodically. I think you have placed it well in our hierarchy. Since we don't want to post it in multiple places on the forum (that's a big no-no) I think you could periodically update this thread, calling out highlights to your instructional work. Maybe one of the other content experts will weigh in here, but here's a big "yes" vote for this resource. Cheers.
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