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Joe Lovano, Dave Liebman and Ravi Coltrane to Reconvene Saxophone Summit


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I'm not sure how I feel about this new group. I think it is totally the right of the guys to do it and Ravi is an amazing musician. A part of me just wonders how the dynamic of the group is going to change as well as the music.

Dave Dolson

Distinguished Member
Distinguished Member
Ed: I couldn't agree more. What a conflict in styles!

Wilber and Davern were marvelous in their creation of SOPRANO SUMMIT. Very few current players could (or would) play in that style - and I'll bet they won't. There are already enough modernists overwhelming the jazz field. There are MANY modernist recordings available for those who crave the style(s).

I'd beg them to take a different name rather than push "evolution" on the public. Leave good trad-jazz alone (or play the same style when taking a cherished name). DAVE
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