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MC Gregory and Kaspar BCL mpcs?

Hello all -
I recently purchased a vintage BCL with two mpcs in the case. One is an MC Gregory “4A 20M”, the other is a Kaspar “Superb *”. Can anyone give me information on these?

I am a professional woodwind doubler, and am familiar with MC Gregory as a sax mpc maker. I also know Kaspar through my Bb clarinet studies, but have never heard of a BCL mpc?

Any information regarding the history, scarcity or value would be greatly appreciated! I have a BCL set up I love, so will be searching for a home for these.

Thank you in advance!


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If you know about MC Gregory from saxophone mouthpieces you'll know that's probably a fairly good piece! (here's a bit of history on the maker, which I found interesting: http://stuffsax.blogspot.com/2018/10/the-mc-gregory-saga-parts-l-ll-and-lll.html this and the following are by SoTW users Mark Fleming & Bluto.)
I will note I have never played a Gregory clarinet mouthpiece before, however. I don't think I've ever seen a Gregory bass mouthpiece sold online before, unfortunately, so I can't help much for value.

As for the Kaspar: the Kaspars made mouthpieces for whatever type of woodwind someone asked them for, basically, although the vast majority of those are Bb soprano clarinet mouthpieces-I've seen alto clarinet mouthpieces, bari sax mouthpieces, etc. before. (although not in person for the latter.) Your Kaspar bass is fairly similar to my main Bb mouthpiece-it's made in the late 20s to mid/late 40s by the elder Kaspar of the two, who later moved to Ann Arbor. Should be a very nice mouthpiece, although mine is a bit bright for my tastes. For value for this one I'd expect it to probably sell for several hundred dollars if it's in good shape, judging by what I've seen various Kaspar bass mouthpieces go for on ebay the past few years. The little Star of David thing isn't a facing though, if there was one, it would be on the side of the mouthpiece next to the bottom end of the table-mine doesn't have anything written there.
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