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MOORE VI flute?

Has anyone ever heard of a flute with just the word or name Moore engraved on it (but not Jack Moore), no indication of the place where it was made and the Roman numeral VI?

This is a flute with no other indication than this, no serial number, offset G, closed keys, Low B foot with gizmo and an headjoint with an engraved butterfly ( but not like the Ian McLauchlan one!) on the lipplate. Also a friend of mine has tested it and it appears to be testing solid silver.

I have emailed Mr. Jack Moore in the hope that he knows something about these flutes (or this flute). I am very puzzled by this. It appears to have some quality, the toneholes are drawn and rolled and by the weight you could maybe think that it is indeed silver. Who would make an imitation in solid silver?

Anyway, I am grateful for any information.
I’ve never received a notification about your answer Pete, so I never knew of your request for Pictures.

Anyway, I did manage to find out about these flutes thanks to a couple of people whom helped me.

Namely Wout van den Berg and Alex Murray.

Wout van den Berg, flautist, told me that his teacher Alex Murray took these flutes ( less than a dozen) with him from the USA and that they were indeed handmade by Jack Moore ( who didn’t remember anything about those but he is 85 and has forgotten some things) and that were all engraved by Albert Cooper with the butterfly on the lipplate and the name of first name of the recipient ( a Alex Murrey student) on the headjoint.

I had one with the name Berdien engraved on the headjoint which had belonged to Berdien Sternberg.

Anyway I have sold the flute since then but I will publish the pictures.

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