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Need help with sound file convertion

Roger Aldridge

Composer in Residence
Distinguished Member
Hey Buddies,

Does anyone know how to convert a WMA file to a MP3?

A tenor player friend made a recording for me and the file was supposed be a MP3; however, it mistakenly became a WMA instead.

If there's a way the file can be turned into a MP3, please send me your email address and I'll send the file. Or, if there's a way that I can do it myself, please describe how to do it.

Thanks, Roger


Staff member
Audacity will do that. Best of all, it's free. After you download and install, you will also need to install the LAME encoders for mp3. The program will prompt you to do this the first time you try to export to mp3.

Wow - 3 replies within 3 minutes of each other. That is almost scary! Here we are on different parts of the globe, doing the same thing at the same time....


Distinguished Member
Distinguished Member
Audacity will do that.
Plus a ton more.

Before audacity, I'd record (via Windows Media Player) that stuff onto a CDRW just to rip it back to mp3 via CDex. (works very well with DRM-protected WMA files as well).
If that fails, simply play them on the media player and record back via Audacity. (same works for Youtube flicks)

Roger Aldridge

Composer in Residence
Distinguished Member
Many thanks guys! Especially, Saxhound for converting the file for me. I'll check out your suggestions for future use.

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