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Pieces for Eb Clarinet solo and Band

Thinking back to when I played it (60 plus years ago) I'm pretty sure that it was a brass band arrangement and I played the solo Eb soprano cornet part on Eb clarinet.
Do you guys know any good solo pieces for Eb Clarinet and band? Not too difficult. :)

Is your clarinet an Eb Alto or Eb Sopranino Clarinet? And, what genre of music are you wanting? Are you looking for arrangement for a band with an Eb Clarinet solo in it? What type of backing band is it? Are you looking for a small combo, or a concert band?

I have an Eb sopranino clarinet, it was an inexpensive plastic one with gold colored keys, that I bought from an E-Bay dealer, MusicalWheel in California, US about 10 years ago. It was on clearance under $100, a Venus brand from mainland China. (Been playing clarinet since 1965, for me it was a fun purchase.)

It's intonation isn't that great (I made it play in tune), but I still had a blast playing it, took it with me to a week long motorcycle rally a half day drive from my house, (fit in the trunk of my motorcycle). Connected my netbook with several Jazz Play Along Book CDs ripped to its hard drive as MP3's. Used the motel TV as my sound system with PC audio connected, practiced away.

If you are interested in jazz and just want to practice, the publisher Hal Leonard has a series called, "Jazz Play Along". He has many books with CD. Some of the newer ones come with a web link that sends you to their download site for that particular book, where you can downloaded the backing band track onto your computer, tablet or cellphone.

Each usually has 10 songs in it, with solo parts written for C, Eb, Bb, and Bass Cleff instruments. Some of books have easy to do ballads.

Hal Leondard: Jazz Play Along Series

There may be a music store in your country, where you can order their books. I would also ask them the same question you are asking here. Also, a teacher or university music professor would be a good source to ask.

If you are still looking, if you could give us more details, we might be able to point to the right type music.
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It's an Eb Sopranino Clarinet. I'm looking for some solo pieces to play with a concert band. It's a decent amateur band. The genre itself doesn't really matter that much.
My own level is that of a good amateur player and I love a bit of a challenge. :)
I know that the Eb Sopranino is not often used as a solo instrument. That's why I'm asking for some tips.
This may be of interest. https://clarinet.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Music-for-E-flat-Clarinet-5.pdf , a listing titled REPERTOIRE FOR E-FLAT CLARINET: SOLO AND CHAMBER REPERTOIRE has 4 pages of various titles of music for solo Eb Sopranino Clarinet. At the bottom of the PDF is a link, THE E-FLAT CLARINET PROJECT .

I went to that site. In the search box, I put Composer: Cavallini Title: Carnival of Venice and search came up with nothing (my only one search), the site is still under development. The author is Dr. McLaughlin, who is a professor at the Carroll University and the University of Wisconsin in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, US. If you click [Blog] at the top menu, has a number of interesting articles for Eb Clarinet. Her goal is better promotion of the Eb Clarinet.
Under [Blog] is a number of resources, she has also a couple years archives of articles. Click on the first link, Etudes and More with Dr. Laura McLaughlin , has more information about her site and intents. She has this to say:

Once a clarinetist begins to understand the context and role of the E-flat clarinet (they're more likely to play with piccolo and flute than with the clarinet section, they're more likely to play in a higher tessitura than they're use to, understanding and studying the score so that clarinetists realize what the E-flat specifically brings to the piece) the freer and more confident the sound will be! Great fundamentals help of course, but I think the mindset shift helps a ton too.

I think you may find it interesting reading and browsing her site and articles.
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