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Piles of parts

Hi all -

Our music store has a pile of parts that we want to go to good use. You name it, we’ve got it. Clarinets, flutes, violins, an endless seas of keys, screws, springs, etc. There’s probably a few hundred instruments total.

Almost all of the instruments have problems that a business person would think aren’t worth repairing for resale, but they are a goldmine for the technician or repair shop that needs parts.

I’m contemplating putting up ads on eBay, but would rather not go through that hassle. Are you interested in buying any parts (at a significant discount)? Do you know anyone that might be interested? I can provide photos, models, etc.


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In a few of the local music stores that closed usually a local ad would get people to come and clear out the place.

For instance, I bought out all the reeds and other misc stuff.
Other people bought out instruments.

Only music stores like the "pile of parts" for their "pile of spare parts" bin ... if at all.
The last place I was at the last thing they had was the pile of parts .. misc clarinet joints, etc etc all the "student" level piles.

Use Local ads first in Facebook or Craigslist, etc. The move to eBay or Facebook Markets (or what ever it's called).
Do you have any Lesher bassoon pivot screws for the boot joint? I’ve been looking all over and nobody seems to have any. Can’t afford to buy a parts bassoon. For now I’m using a twist tie. I’m trying to relearn it. I played it as a second instrument in the late 60’s.
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