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Pre-moderation on the WF ?

Just sent a short post on Pete's "Collecting saxophone" thread and received the infamous announcment "Thanks for posting. Your post will be reviewed by a moderator before being released", or something close to this phrase. What does it mean ? Pre-censorship ? I can't imagine that.


Brassica Oleracea
Staff member
Well, I see. But I think WF is a distinguished enough congregation of vaccinated adults to allow members to discuss a wide array of subjects, without the ridiculous political correctness which nowadays invades most media and schools. After all, banjo is also an offensive word and should be banned immediately.


Old King Log
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...deldlie. dedlie, dedlie, dedlie, eee!

...a pineapple, from you!

...tomorrow - be - longs, to - meeeeee!

...and we're having a marvelous time!

...what would you do?

...but she isn't a meskite at all!

...even the orchestra - is - beautiful!


Brassica Oleracea
Staff member
A summary of the other threads regarding the product we're using:

a. It's an automatic service. It's also a third-party service. I have no controls other than on, off, or let user post anything he wants.
b. It's here because I no longer have that much time to be here and read every single thread or post.
c. We've actually been using it for several months. I've mentioned it's not 100% effective.

* Deep Sigh *

OK. How's this: if you want me to turn off the service for anyone that has above 25 posts, g'head and click the Thanks button. If I get more than 15 Thanks-es, I'll make that change. Or if we get a volunteer (that can be approved by Ed, Jim and me) to be a moderator AND that can commit to checking the forum several times a day, I'll make that change.

Of course, if we have any problems, it gets changed back.
Happened to me as well recently. Just thought it was a bug. I can't remember where or what the post was about.

I don't see members with more than 25 posts being a problem at present, but you never know what'll happen in future. But you don't need to use blacklisted words to stir up a lot of trouble on a forum, especially if you have a couple of oversensitive members who'll escalate minor things into a major row.