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Selmer S80 Series Soprano Mouthpiece D

So I inherited a full set of Super Action 80 Series 1 from my grandfather and have been playing the Alto and Tenor for a couple years. I'm getting the Soprano repaired since I need it for school and was looking to nab a basic Yamaha 4C for it but saw the S80 Series up for sale on amazon. Is it worth the ~$120 price difference? The instrument will get a decent amount of use but nothing crazy. I'd consider myself an advance high school level player (I primarily play clarinet). Thanks! There's a link to the amazon listing below
No IMO. But I think a Yanagisawa sop MP would be worth the extra money. Their facings are always really good. Most other MPs are hit/miss. I use a Vandoren V16 but I worked on it.


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I prefer Yani mouthpieces when I can get them, usually used from eBay. Very nice pieces. On my bari, where I am an average player, I get asked multiple times a year what my setup is. It's a Yani #5 plubber, red box #3 reed, and optimum lig. Yeah, I don't deserve such a fine setup. :cool:
I’ve never played a Yani mouthpiece but Selmer S80 is my favourite mouthpiece and I have a Morgan, a Myer, and a couple of other great ones. A Selmer S80 is a really fine choice in my opinion.
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