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So did you get the $25 by referring the Woodwind Forum? Just curious.

Only if the WooF would decide to being hosted on their site for at least 90 days, if I got that correct. The WooF would have to pay roughly 24$ for these three months, which means after the 3rd month the provider will get into the profit zone.

Normally, my alarm bell goes off at terms like "independent sales representative"...but it might just be the usual social canvassing programme.
unfortunately no, I didn't get $25. I think you have to get someone to start a forum there not just put up a link to an existing one. it's actually an old private one already there that's gone public. just some old friends from the past G, back when you use to drop by now & then (different digs though). they've mellowed quite a bit since.
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Ah, I remember them ....

I'm surprised the host is still around. Take a look at the copyright date.
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