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Sound dampening a room...

I play the flute and piccolo and also have a wife and two small children. I'd like to create a space where I won't disturb my family while I practice and really would like to practice in the morning before work when everyone is sleeping. I have been playing in a small nook of our finished basement and while I haven't woke my wife and kids up when playing flute my wife says my piccolo playing is still loud up on the second floor. Any advice for dampening the sound in a section of a large room? Thanks
Think I found a solution. A large closet in the basement we keep the holiday decorations... Great. Any additional suggestions would be appreciated


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I used to give music lessons in our basement studio. I even had a big band down there one time. Here is a blog I wrote about how I dealt with the noise.


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Oooh. That stuff's not cheap, Jim! I do like it that they have an app for computing how much you need, tho. I also really like what you did with that! I need to start following your blogs.

I had someone mention to me, once, that he attached thick blankets -- more like comforters, really -- on the walls and ceiling of his practice room and the neighbors stopped complaining. Maybe hit up a Goodwill and see if you can get something cheap. Maybe sleeping bags?

A couple other suggestions at http://newt.phys.unsw.edu.au/jw/musFAQ.html#flutemute. There is a product for sax that completely surrounds the horn and that kills the sound (you listen to yourself through headphones). AFAIK, there isn't something identical for any other woodwinds and something like that might be a tad heavy for instruments that don't use a neckstrap.
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